Quarterly News

2020 Product Updates

At ob·欧宝体育娱乐app下载, we are continually innovating to help our maritime partners keep up with new work demands.  The following highlights are just a few of the product and platform enhancements we have made throughout the year.


New Dashboard
Use this new dashboard as your starting point. From there, easily select your vessel, create a questionnaire, see officer matrix history, inspections, and certificates as well as the latest AIS position for your selected vessel.
Inspection Heat Map
Due to new restrictions on ports, vessels, and crews around the globe, we have released a Heat Map feature that will aggregate data from SIRE and CDI inspections that have been completed or planned in the last month.


ob·欧宝体育娱乐app下载 dry continues to grow at a rapid pace, helping our customers maximize fleet utilization and ensure vessel suitability. So far this year, the number of vessels listed on ob·欧宝体育娱乐app下载 dry has grown by 32.4%.


IBC 2021 Resource Tab
Users are able to receive up-to-date information and access essential data directly onboard your vessel.
Select, search, and save your favorite cargos/coatings/cleaning chemicals with just one click.
Response Center Update
The Response Center Tab is now available on the main page, for easy reference.
Various New and Enhanced Pop-Ups
including conversions, PPE and Cargo Hazards.


New Save Distances Option
This provides a customizable alternative to AtoBviaC distances. Use manual routing in your estimates or voyages to save your own routing and distances. Reuse saved distances every time you transit that same passage.
New Option For “Template” Estimates
Create a standard itinerary for everyone to use as a starting template for a new estimate by using “Save As”. Only the person who created a template can modify or transfer it.
Added Support For % Deductions On Demurrage Calculator
Demurrage time deductions allow you to specify a % of the calculated time to be deducted.
Smart Historical Port Cost
Filter historical port costs by port call activity, vessel size and estimate/ actual to easily find the most relevant records.

ob·欧宝体育娱乐app下载 POSITION LIST

Improved Cargoes and Fixtures
We have improved the cargoes and fixtures feature, allowing users more flexibility and improved user experience highlighted by adding in-line editing of fixtures.
Time Charter Improvements
We have added several complementary features to the platform that gives greater value for users that follow the Time Charter market.
This feature allows users to track the supply of tonnage based on their requirements.
Email Direct From Platform
Users can now send position lists directly from the ob·欧宝体育娱乐app下载 platform.
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