Milbros Onboard subscribers enjoy greater value with complementary access to Haz-Mat Response and medical assistance using ob·欧宝体育娱乐app下载 Response Center.

Respond more effectively to dynamic emergency situations

No one could accuse the shipping industry of being over regulated. However, there are still some areas where voluntarily adopting a safety protocol might be a very worthwhile precaution. One such area is in the event of HazMat incidents.

ob·欧宝体育娱乐app下载 Response Center provides a global support program to co-ordinate quick response and expert consultation for chemical spills/incidents and medical emergencies on board ship. Although HazMat incidents are a relatively rare event, just like with being prepared for fire, being properly equipped with the right tools to deal with a chemical spillage is highly advisable.

ob·欧宝体育娱乐app下载 Response Center registration is provided as a complementary service to vessels subscribed to Milbros Onboard giving them 24/7 access to Milbros leading commodity database. This provides the crew and third-parties with the latest good information allowing them to take the most appropriate response measures. In conjunction with its partners ob·欧宝体育娱乐app下载 Response Center provides expert help and advice to manage active and dynamic HazMat situations.

Cargo handling, spill response and medical assistance in one place

Response Center centralizes expert cargo handling, spill response and emergency medical assistance all on one platform. The service is provided in partnership with Spill Center and Future Care Inc.. Spill Center specializes in emergency response communications and incident management services. Future Care provides medical care management services to the maritime and related industries worldwide.

ob·欧宝体育娱乐app下载 completes the circle by centralizing access and providing the commodities information which is essential to minimizing the health and safety, environmental and economic impacts of a HazMat incident.

The medical component of the service can be accessed for any situation where medical intervention may be needed, not just those that result from a HazMat event. The Future Care service provides Telemedicine services for onboard injuries or illnesses at sea along with professionally-managed shoreside medical care for patients where necessary.

Future Care has 20 years’ experience of managing the shipboard medical response in emergency situations. Through acquisition and collaboration, the organization now includes 1,400 physicians, 56 international clinics, an internal travel tracking team network of 80,000 accredited third-party providers and offers support for 99 languages amongst its resources.

Free medical assistance offered for Milbros Onboard subscribers

Over 3 years of operating Response Center customers using the service have been empowered to deal with HazMat and related as well as unrelated medical incidents in a more timely and effective way.

“However, some are still not taking full advantage of the service,” says Capt. Soren C. Ibsen, ob·欧宝体育娱乐app下载 Vice President, Milbros Systems. “Firstly, there’s no charge for being registered with the Response Center – it’s included with subscription to Milbros Onboard. Secondly, two communications test calls per ship per year are included, but not everyone is making use of this to prepare and rehearse a protocol for reacting to HazMat using Response Centre.”

Capt. Ibsen continues: “Finally, ob·欧宝体育娱乐app下载 has arranged a special offer to gain access to a limited amount of Telemedicine at zero cost.  I encourage existing and new subscribers to make full use of all aspects of the service. Being prepared for HazMat and Medical Emergencies reinforces your ethical credentials and demonstrates a duty of care to crews and the environment.”

Contact us to find out more about our limited zero cost Telemedical service for Milbros Onboard customers using ob·欧宝体育娱乐app下载 Response Center.

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