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Shipping operations and the certification system

When it comes to managing maritime risk, for many, in the hierarchy of importance, the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) is likely to top the list. However, we can’t ignore the fact that merchant ships are high value assets and there is a significant financial implication attached to damage or hull loss.

Of course, thoughts on any repercussions for the environment are seldom far away. Should the unthinkable happen, the risk of environmental damage has to be factored into contingency planning, expediting procedures for limiting damage and cleaning up.

Safe shipping operations are underpinned by the certification system that brings maritime activities under a compliance framework. For merchant shipping in general, and dry bulk carriers in particular, there are hundreds of certificates that need to be managed.

From pest control to lifeboats, and boilers to medical chests, if it’s onboard or associated with the way that bulk carriers are designed, constructed, maintained and managed, there is likely to be a certification requirement somewhere. Where ever your itinerary takes you and whatever your intended purpose, you are going to need valid certificates to support your activities.

How much is delay costing you?

For some, managing the renewal and expiry of hundreds of certificates is done by using spreadsheets. For others, they may use a dedicated software system, just for tracking certificate expiry.

Both approaches are likely to be grossly inefficient, especially when it comes to filling out questionnaires. Certificate information has to be looked up and entered manually by hand on the form or entered into the system being used to produce Baltic99’s or other Dry Forms/Questionnaires. How much time might you be wasting finding certificate information and filling in a form or entering it into another system?

Whenever data is manually entered, there is always the potential for mis-keying errors and questionnaires containing incorrect data. Then there’s the problem of certificate expiry being overlooked.

While the IMO’s stated goal remains the efficiency of shipping, delays, port entry denial and even detention remain options when certificate irregularities come to light. How much is a day’s delay costing you when one of your dry bulk carriers gets snarled up in red tape?

Prevent inefficient certificate management costing you dear with ob·欧宝体育娱乐app下载Dry

Through switching to ob·欧宝体育娱乐app下载Dry.com to maintain certificates, many dry bulk shipping companies like yours have dumped the inefficiency of managing hundreds of certificates manually overboard!

ob·欧宝体育娱乐app下载Dry contains powerful certificate management features, including:

  • Holding all certificate information in a single database alongside all other vessel information
  • Allowing detailed Search of expiry dates to enable proactive maintenance of certificate renewal
  • Enabling Search using a definable forward time window, eg 30 days ahead, to plan certificate renewal
  • Creating custom reports delivered as spreadsheets to designated email addresses alerting in a timely fashion that certificates are due to expire
  • Automatically populating ob·欧宝体育娱乐app下载Dry.com questionnaires with the latest certificate information as you update the certificates
  • Storing copies of certificates in the cloud and forwarding as attachments to emails

ob·欧宝体育娱乐app下载Dry.com is an invaluable aid for those responsible for the administrative overhead of ensuring the smooth running of dry bulk ships at sea. From fleet and technical managers with overall responsibility for hundreds of vessels, to superintendents and DPAs managing a handful, all save time and enjoy confidence that certificate management is efficient and error-free.

More than just certificate management for dry bulk fleets

The single source of truth on vessel information for ship owners and operators…

  • Automatically complete Baltic99 or one of 250 other questionnaires
  • Certificate & document management
  • Maintain Port Inspections data – perform Analytics
  • Officer Matrix
  • Mooring/Winches/Lines diagrams

…and for charterers, brokers, agents, suppliers, terminals, port authorities, spill response

  • Access to Baltic99 of all publicly listed vessels
  • Search on any data fields
  • Distance, DWT, Draft calculators

Sharpen up certificate management with ob·欧宝体育娱乐app下载Dry.com

Shipping industry companies like yours are enjoying the benefits of ob·欧宝体育娱乐app下载Dry.com. Our subscribers are using its powerful features to save time and reduce costs. To discover more about how ob·欧宝体育娱乐app下载Dry helps you to do a better job, simply register today.

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