A debt of gratitude to our customer community for making it a great year for ob·欧宝体育娱乐app下载VMS

Business case for ob·欧宝体育娱乐app下载VMS chimes with the tanker shipping industry

There is a school of thought that suggests the tanker industry is five years behind the curve. It’s understandable, because many companies are long established. And the asset lifecycle from newbuilding through to scrappage might run over 25 years or so. Some things change slowly, so why shouldn’t everything else?

Fact is, the pace of change is being driven by two key factors -market competition and fast-moving technology. The most progressive and forward-thinking companies in tanker shipping have been quick to seize the opportunity to adopt the latest technology. For many owners and operators this has led to the decision to deploy the ob·欧宝体育娱乐app下载 Voyage Management System.

A sweeping claim and some might say, “Where is the evidence?”

Tanker shipping seizing the opportunity of ob·欧宝体育娱乐app下载VMS

Well, this year ob·欧宝体育娱乐app下载VMS has seen the numbers go North in a way that demonstrates exponential year-on-year growth. Some key statistics include:

  • New company subscriptions have increased 60%
  • Tracked voyage numbers have increased 50%
  • Tracked market cargoes have increased 85%
  • Estimates generated by users have increased by 75%
  • Invoices generated have increased 100%
  • 10 scheduled software releases have upgraded performance and features

Sharing in the benefits of the fastest growing VMS from ob·欧宝体育娱乐app下载

Quite simply, we want to thank our customer community for making ob·欧宝体育娱乐app下载VMS the fastest-growing voyage management system.

Leading tanker operators are sharing in the benefits of the system because our customers are maximizing operational efficiency and boosting profitability to outperform industry averages across entire fleets.

Whether you are a long-standing ob·欧宝体育娱乐app下载 customer or a recent convert, you are demonstrating the principle of the wisdom of crowds. By gravitating towards ob·欧宝体育娱乐app下载VMS you are able to gain competitive advantage that helps power your business full steam ahead.

The ob·欧宝体育娱乐app下载 team wishes everyone a happy holiday season and a successful and prosperous 2019.

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